Slovak-American Day Sunday July 14th, 2019

Slovak League of America, Milwaukee Assembly 20

Our mission is to promote, support and educate people about the customs and traditions of the Slovak culture. Slovak League meets three times a year in January, April, and September. After our meetings you can socialize with others and refreshments are served. Our organization participates in the Holiday Folk Fair. This event promotes many different cultures. We have a Slovak booth where we sell many different kinds of Slovak food and bakery. We start baking at the end of September and continue baking every Saturday until Holiday Folk Fair begins. It is a great way to learn many Slovak recipes and some of the Slovak language!

 We also participate in Fasiangy, a prelenten celebration with the help of the Tatra Dancers. We make home made slovak food and bakery like halusky and rozky. 

 We are looking for new members.  Anyone is welcome to join.​


Check out our Facebook page. Just look up Slovak League of America Assembly # 20.

 Our Current Officers are: 


Ellen Tavela-president

Peggy Kusik-co-vice president

Eric Tavela-co-vice president
Kathy Valent-secretary
Betty Valent-treasurer