Fasiangy / Pre-Lenten Dance Saturday, Feb. 22, 2020

Wisconsin Slovak Historical Society


Wisconsin Slovak Historical Society (WSHS) is a non-profit organization created to preserve Slovak heritage and culture. Our members enjoy the benefits of our society meetings, the Slovak Heritage museum in Cudahy, WI., our quarterly magazine, and we offer scholarships to our members and their families.

Please visit our webpage for more details on membership and activities we offer. 

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President Mrs. Lynn Staskewicz
Vice President - Membership Mrs. Karen Jurik 
Secretary Ms. Sylvia Gear 
Treasurer Mr. Carl Micech 
Curator Mrs. Darinka Kohl 
Editor Mrs. Marj Chepp ​ 
Webmaster Samantha Staskiewicz ​ 
Research Mr. Robert Kopesky 


Mr. Louis Dodulik 

Board of Directors :​

Dr. Anne Kajuch (2017)
Mr. Dan Srnec (2018) 

Mr. Ivan Plako  (2019)

Spiritual Advisors: ​
Rev. Carl Krueger 
​Deacon Gerald Ponec