Slovak-American Day Sunday July 14th, 2019

Slovak Catholic Sokol (SCS) Wreath 93


We are an organization that provides fraternal benefits to our community. Our Wreath programs promote health, religion, and ethnic pride. We emphasize the well-being of both physical and mental health, by offering programs that provide the chance to compete in physical athletics, promote teamwork, and camaraderie. Our members have formed lifelong friendships with their team members. The origin of Wreath 93 comes from the joining of Wreath 93 and Assembly 147 in 2006. Assembly 147 was established on June 13, 1915 and a year later Wreath 93 was established on August 16, 1916.

Our local Wreath offers community activities that promote teamwork and friendship. We host social events several times during the year and welcome our members to join us. We participate in National events as well, such as Bowling, Volleyball, Gymnastics, and Calisthenics. Our Calisthenics/Drillers perform at Slovak American Day and we welcome invitations to perform for local community events. Members can contact Pat Osterbrink for more information at 414-588-3794.

News Update:

​Wreath 93, as part of Group 4, will be participated in the International Slet from July 17th - 20th ,2019 in Brockport, New York. We look forward to all your support in the months ahead while we prepare.  We will also be sending many delegates to our National Convention.  The National Convention will be held in Cleveland Ohio from August 3rd - 7th, 2019. 

Officers of Wreath 93: 

Caroline Gemoll - President 

Suzie Zeman - Co-Vice President 

Nancy Hoeck - Co-Vice President 

Pat Osterbrink - Financial Secretary 

Tricia Radtke - Physical Directress 

Lisa Hoeck - Asst Physical Directress /Recording Sec.

Brad Hoeck - Physical Director 

Noah Romine - Asst Physical Director